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quick question!

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You can't get a "new" MJ carrier... The pump is the same between them, so just take the new pump out of the XJ cradle, and put it into the old MJ cradle. Then install.


Hopefully you kept the old cradle... ;)

Rob L.


:huh???: I'm not to sure what a cradle/carrier is but I'm guessing its the body around the pump? if I'm wrong can you explain it to me? thanks.

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That is the body around the pump... The "framework" more or less. The pump is only the cylindrical thing on the end. You can remove it from that "framework" and put the new on in its place... There was a pic of someone who did this not that long ago. I am going to search for it, but if anyone else has it off hand, how about helping a brother out?


Rob L.

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Got it:




I have been experiencing some problems for the past couple weeks. In speaking with some friends we narrowed it down to three different possibilities.


1) The "plug" for the CPS. it shouldn't be there, factory requested all dealers remove plug and solder wires.


2) The coil/ignition module. mine had some pretty bad cracks in the epoxy. I swapped it for another I had. I THOUGHT this fixed it...but a couple days ago the problem returned.


3) The fuel pump. Now I KNEW I had somewhat of a problem here as my Fuel rail will not hold pressure for more than a couple hours. Recently it just wouldn't start after sitting overnight. then Wednesday, it stalled when pulling out into traffic and was VERY hard to get started. the next AM, it wouldn't start again. SO, i decided to change out the pump. I figured, it cannot hurt and it will fix my pressure problems anyhow.



Here is the OLD assembly:



It came out with relative ease. Two of the tabs bent over but where easily bent back.


There are two different pumps that COULD have been in my 1989 Comanche.



I removed the old pump form its cradle and re-installed the new pump and its fittings:



Then Juan put it back in and changed the filter for me:



Lastly, here is a video clip of the install and one of the jeep running after the install. enjoy.







Rob L.

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ok. I'm about ready to take it to the shop. when i took the unit back out of the tank to take the new pump off it the strainer fell off into the tank.... and this is the replacement pump that i put on it(http://www.familycar.com/store/?Ntt=jee ... p&oes=true) and it doesnt sit in the cradle very well plus the top part of the cradle that goes over the top of the pump doesnt fit on it because the top of the new pump is to big to go into that hole so i just left it off and hoped for the best. the rubber hose was holding it pretty tight in its place so i wasnt to worried about that.

i think I'm guna buy a chevy. this things nothin but problems. and i don't even drive it! not to mention some gas splashed onto my face and i got a good amount in my eye...


the orig pump is a bosch and is a little bit smaller.

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ok... so i got the pump in and i have 38-40lbs pressure....and no spark....shoulda check'd that first...oh well, at least i got a new pump out of it. also put in new cps. still no spark. so I'm either lookin at cam sensor or ign module/coil/wiring... ugh. i don't trust my 10$ cheapo dvom so I'm going to buy a new one and find the problem. ill keep it posted.

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