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Radio Antenna Assembly

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Does anyone know how the antenna assembly goes into the fender, or more importantly how to fish the wire back out of the fender?


A friend managed to lock his keys in his Subaru, after work, and we were able to pull the window out just enough to get a coat hanger down to the button for the power locks. Got the coat hanger in, but it wasn't sturdy enough to push the button. I had a Macguver moment and unscrewed the antenna from the comanche and used it to unlock his doors.


When it came time to screw the antenna on, everything just came apart and I now have something that looks like this.


(Sorry about the self portrait. The camera batteries were dead, so I used the web cam on my mac.)



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From the looks of what you have in your hand, it appears that the assembly fell out the bottom of the outer fender. In order to get it back to where it was you need to remove the small screw at the bottom of the inner fender well (that secures the plastic) and, while holding the antenna assembly in your hand, carefully snake your arm up into the fender until you can stick it back through the hole in the outer fender. (A helper standing at the top would be useful at this point). Then, replace the plastic shroud on top of the antenna assembly and secure the whole thing with the nut.


Finally, screw the antenna back on.

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