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2.5L alternator/serpentine "adjustment"

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Hey guys-

on the 87 2.5, is there any adjustment for the alternator? Everything I've read said you adjust the belt tension by the PS pump. I never had any problems with this until I rebuilt my 2.5. In putting everything back together out of the car, I noticed that the alternator and bracket would only fit on one way, even though the bracket is slotted, as if you could slide it back and forth. After that, the belt was always too tight. I mean, I can get it on there, but I have to get the lip over the PS pump and turn the engine. And the PS pump is adjusted all the way in. I've loosened all the alt. bracket bolts and can't get any movement out of it to help me out; I guess I could buy a little longer belt, but I'm confused...any help out there?




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