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Front Wheel Alignment Problem... Weird

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Got my new to me D30 installed but have a problem with the front wheels.


When drivers wheel is straight, the passenger wheel is turned to the right about 5 degrees.


So I jacked up the front end and cycled the steering wheel back and forth a few times and now the passenger side wheel is straight, but the drivers side is turned to the left about 5 degrees :huh???:


If it helps any, I haven't tightened the control arm bolts yet and I used all the steering linkages, springs and the entire track bar and bracket assembly from the donor (97 XJ) Help

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Yup, simple toe adjustment will fix that.


Just remember... do the alignment with the truck on the ground and nothing jacked up, at all. If you do, the alignment will not be adjusted correctly. They're very easy to do, I did one in the parking lot at work on my lunch break, basically with one hand as it was the day after I accidentally stabbed myself in my left arm.

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