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question on gears

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I've noticed that a lot of people on here say that the comanches with the 2.5L and the 4 speed had 3.55 gearing, and i could of swore that the tag on my 86 2.5L AX-4 said it had 3.73 gears. could i have been mistaken? or could you get different sizes? :dunno:

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86 is a wild card. almost anything is possible.


While this is very true, a truer response might be that with Jeep, almost anything was possible. :brows: :dunno: :shake: (There really are no constants. Jeep was a lady of the night, using parts from many manufacturers.) ALSO, don't forget that with ANY vehicle as popular and modded as a Jeep. The newest of the Comanches is approaching approaching 18 years. There is always possibly that someone was "in there" unbeknownst to you.



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