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Gauge Cluster Question

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Awhile back, I swapped out my gauge cluster for one that has a tach. My old gauges had the blue letters and the new has the red letters. It bothers me that my comanche now has 162k miles on it when it really has only 82k. I tried unsuccessfully to adjust the odometer and ruined one so I thought I should leave my second one alone.


Today I found a gauge cluster at a junkyard with a tach and blue letters. I could put my original speedo into that cluster and the letters will match and my odometer will be back to normal again. BUT the new cluster was on an old 4 cyl engine and the tach was reading about 1200 rpms. It was at a junkyard so obviously the engine wasnt running.


Does anyone know what it would take to get that 4 cyl tach to ready accurately for a 4.0 and should I be alarmed that the tach read 1200 rpms? Does anyone else's tach do that with the engine off?


Thanks in advance.

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