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Removable bedsides?

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I'm going to do a full restoration on my comanche this winter and I have this idea that I want to make the bedsides removable. There are two reasons for this, first to get to any rust that might be behind there and secondly so that I can take them off to inspect for any future rust. Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone know how the bedsides are fixed to the rest of the bed? spotwelds along the inside rail and forward edge? What about the wheel wells? My idea was to drill out any spotwelds and replace with screws. any viewpoints for or against?

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Man........you got about 200 spot welds to cut out :eek:


There was someone in PA that told me they took the bed sides off to have new sides made, but I can't remember whom it was.........maybe they will jump in here and show us the results......... :dunno: But they cut out every spot weld.



The problem I see with making the side removable........how will you fasten them down so they don't blow off doing 60 down the interstate :hmm:

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i had to remove a complete bedside to repair the damage from the drunk guy and it really was alot of spot welds but i used this little spot weld drill bit i got from harbor freight and it really didnt take that long to do. but after putting some more thought into it, i guess having them removable really doesnt make a whole lot of sense as opposed to removing them one time to por-15 them then re-welding them on.



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