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Another Fuel Pump/Fuel Pump Relay Question

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I have performed a search and looked for any information that I could find. I am still a little confused about my problem.


I have a 1989 MJ with a 4 cylinder that I just purchased for $200.00. Any way, it will not start. It is definatly fuel related. I check the fuel pump relay. The red wire from the fusible link has 12 volts, the yellow wire which I believe is the 12 volt switched has 12 volts. The problem is the relay will not change states when powered up. It acts like to me that it is not getting grounded. I have read in other posts that the ground back at the tail light may have something to do with it. Am I in the ball park of looking in the right place?


Any help with this would be awesome.

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The ground is behind the drivers side tail light and it has been an issue for me too. What I did was run 12V directly to the pump with a battery and two wires. If the pump runs with 12V directly at the connector, then your problem is more than likely the ground.


What I'd do is run a ground wire directly from the frame and check to see if your getting 12V at the connector, if so your good to go and the pump SHOULD run fine. If it doesn't run with 12V the pump is bad.


Fuel pumps suck..........trust me. :headpop:

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Also check that the ECU is grounded, well the mounting plate. Had this issue with a XJ a couple months back, got it running after a series of problems, then it just quit, no fuel and jumping the fuel relay, found the problem with the ECU not grounded, and it fired right up :hmm:

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