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i need help fast! my speedo and odo quit working after.....

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i was coming back from a field trial tuesday night late and i lost dash lights on part of the instrument cluster. so yesterday i took things apart and replaced the bulb. then going dog training last night i noticed i had no speedo or odo. gas gauge and lights are fine, just the speedo and odo. :fs1:


i didn't pull the cluster completely out, but did tug on it a bit to move it around some. could the speedo cable have come loose from just that? is there a way to get at the cable to check and connect it without pulling everything apart again? don't they screw in or something? what else could the problem be? :dunno:


i need to know what's up fast. i was planning on taking it hunting this weekend, leaving tomorrow.



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You could have possibly pulled the speedo out just from moving it around. The clips on the speedo cables were probably quite strong 20 years ago...but now it could have broken off from the movement. Your best bet is to pull the cluster and get it out as far as you can and see if the speedo is connected. Chances are, it came out, or is not clipped in all the way.

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i should have stated that. it's an 87. no help needed now. i found the problem a got everything working the way it should. it ended up being the connection between the cable from the cluster to the cable coming through the firewall. it must have been loose from something the po did. i put it back together, tightened it up, and it's all good.


thanks for the help guys. :thumbsup:

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