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Neighbors MJ


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my neighbor got this MJ shortly after i got my 2nd one. He found it up around KC area, its an 86 4x4 2.8L 5speed LB with D35 but he's got 4.11 gears, its the XL? package, bucket seats, delay wipers, tilt, and so on.. Right after i got into my wreck and bought my Cherokee to pull parts he decides to see if his truck would fly by driving off the road with a very large and deep ditch below :( anyway i sold him the xj and he finished it off getting all the parts he needed and in the process of fixing his truck as done SOA and painted it. still has yet to lift the front but here's the pictures.


a good pedestrian bumper :yes:


he got the rims off of a 04 liberty (I'm pretty sure thats what he said) still in process of getting different tires.


his mom did this, made it look like wood, i like it :thumbsup:

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Saw that one for sale in KC while I was MJ 'hunting'.


Never been crazy about the camo truck look. But, it seems like a solid MJ :yes:

small world huh? lol

ya he is a bit younger than then me and does most everything i do, and since my first was camo he had to paint it camo to. haha

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