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Hit the junk yard today


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got there and walked into the yard and what do I see? a mint cherry beautiful white 2001 2 Door Cherokee :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

written on the windshield was of course "Clunker" :doh: :wall: :fs1:

well anyway I was all excited because I was going to pillage the header panel and fenders off this beautiful machine so I asked how much for that stuff, the guy says "oh that isn't really in the yard its just sitting there while we make room in the private yard" and if I still wanted it it was 300 for the complete header panel and 100 for each fender.

so now I'm bummed about not getting to take anything off of it and that I just saw the remains of an awesome vehicle.


well I go and pull the windshield motor I went there to get and grabbed an air box cover. and low and behold in the back of the yard and nice 99 Cherokee, engine missing header panel taken off in the process so I go to investigate and take a look inside and there is the whole header panel sitting in the passenger compartment "SCORE!!" a little damage but I can fix it up also grabbed a passenger side power heated mirror, pulled the windshield wiper motor with some extra wire to adapt to my 87 and a couple random harness and switches (by the way anyone who puts alarms or remote starts in their vehicles I would suggest looking at ford Taurus and other fords for their factory pin switches, very nice ones I just put one in my Subaru to replace the cheapy ones that come with alarms.)


anyway took it all up to the guy and asked how much for all this? it may have helped that I started talking to a guy that I knew that worked there, he said 75 for the header panel, 25 for the windshield motor and 15 for the mirror.


all in all a good day at the junk yard for me... also I hate the cash for clunkers program and I'm glad its over.

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Great score, especially after seeing the real beauty.


I agree cash for clunkers is a horrible program that puts perfectly useful vehicles to their untimely deaths. But working as a tech for a Jeep dealer, I and others that work here have had the opportunity to salvage what we want for our personal projects at no cost to us. While we didnt get any 1996 up Cherokees, we did get 4 XJ,s including a mint 86 Wagoneer of which I took the whole front end including the doors and any useful interior parts. I also got parts off of a 95 XJ country including header panel, wheels, overhead console and speaker bar, sway bar, and a seat for my brother,s 2000 XJ, wiper motor, cowl panel and whatever else. If they would let us touch the engines, I would have had a complete H.O. motor too, but we can't do that. I was also able to fix the brakes on my boss's 88 MJ by getting parts from the 86 Wagoneer. I have yet to tell him its fixed, but this will be huge brownie points for me!


Sorry if I hijacked!

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