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There should be a lift section here in the forms?

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Forgive me that I am a little slow.

But can someone in plain English tell me how to lift my 1986 jeep Comanche that has a 2.5 and a 5 speed LONG BED.

I want it to be 2 to 3" higher.

What parts do I have to change?

Do I have to change the sway bar ends when I do a lift?

At my disposal right now, I have;

V 8 front coil springs from a Cherokee

A 1989 jeep Cherokee parts truck

Can I use what I have?

Or should I buy New parts?

thank you all for your help.

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For inexpensive, go with an add-a-leaf in the rear. Add Chevy drop shackles if you still need a bit more. In the front use a 1.75" spring spacer and 2" shock extenders. Stock brake lines and sway bar ends will still work.


For best quality:

Rear: 3" springs (Hell Creek) and new shocks. Longer (95 Dakota) brake hose is optional.

Front: 3" springs, new shocks, longer (YJ) brake hoses, sway bar quick disconnects, adjustable lower control arms and adjustable track bar. Adjustable upper control arms are optional.


You could go with a long arm kit, or drop control arm brackets, but IMO they are a waste of money at 3".


Stock sway bar links will work with a 1.75" spacer, but not a 3" lift. Ditto front brake hoses.


Either way will look good with stockish (235/75R15, or ~29") or 31x10.50 tires.

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