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fuel pump electical diagram?

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Anyone out there have or know where to resource an electrical diagram for thd '87 4cylinder I dragged home?

(Chilton's only shows lighting and such). Pickup has been sitting for about four years. Runs good on atomized

gas sprayed above the throttle body but quits on it's own. (Yes, it has plenty of gas in the tank).

I pulled the fuel filter downstream of the tank. No obstructions. I had the neighbor lady turn the motor with the

starter and I observed no gas spurting from the open line. (For her assistance, I committed to helping here

rearrange her bedroom furniture :)

Volt meter shows 7 volts at the 3-pin connector. Should it not have 12 volts there to pump?

I'm thinking about applying 12 volts to the connector but don't know which wires to connect to.

On the tank side the larger of the wires is a yellowish from age-White, a middle purple and a black.

On the power side the white connects to an orange, the middle purple connects to a (thin) white and the

black connects to black.

I want to confirm it is the fuel pump before removing it. Help please.

Windancer in Michigan Aug 24th 09 PM

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I agree that the voltage at the fuel pump should be 12vdc. But, the fuel pump also does not run continually, once pressure is reached, the pump does not run.


Check out this scan pages, there from the '87 electrical troubleshooting manual for the 60 series (MJ) it's a bad scan, because it's a 2 page fold out, and I can't scan both pages at once :oops:



You mention that it has "plenty of gas", but......how fresh is the gas??? It's not 4 years old, is it???

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