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36" tires

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k guys i have a question. i'm running 4 mickey Thomson baja belted but one is almost bald. so i seen a one 36" tire on Craiglist for $100 its a super swamper tsl brand new with the little pokes still on it.but its about inch taller then the bald tire. the guy @ les schwab would not install the tire because it could cause my drive line to bind up?? but then he said if i wanted to bring just the tire in he would put in on the wheel for me so he would not be responsible for any damage that might happen ;...... so my question is if i run this tire that is a little bit taller the then other side on the rear axle , will complete destruction happen ? :huh???:

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If your running an open diff, no nothing will happen. Now having said that, its always best to replace both tires on an axle.


If your running a locker, DO NOT DO IT!!! If your running a LS factory or not it will cause accelerated wear and will not be good for the LS unit.



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I would probably buy it and work on getting another TSL to match and then run them in the rear and use the odd man out Mickey to use as a spare. I've got 33" trXus up front and run 33" boggers in the back and have not experienced any issues that I could link to the different types of tires. I only use 4wd in the dirt/mud/sand. I don't advise trying to use the TSLs on the street. :ack:

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