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95 XJ brakes to 88 MJ Qustion...

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Does anyone know if the calipers and all from a 95 XJ 4x4 will bolt up to an 88 MJ 4x4? Just looking at them, I know the calipers look different. Will the rotors need to be swapped too or should I just compare stuff when I take it apart.


The problem is my dealer owner has an 88 MJ olympic edition that has always had problems with the brakes. It will stop, but the pedal gets to the floor before the system has full pressure. We have swapped the booster/ master assy twice, put a NOS MJ front prop valve in, adjusted everything, bled everything five times. And the owner doesnt want to spend anything more on it. We have a Cash for clunker XJ country sitting here and I was wondering about swapping the front calipers to see if that would make any difference, just wondered if anyone knew if it would work or not.


Thanks for the help!

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As I have posted several times, due to changes in calipers, rotors, knuckles and hub/bearing units, it is important to keep ALL of that stuff from one year. They do NOT mix and match. I'm at work and don't have access to the article I posted my list of interchange years from, but I have reproduced it three or four times. You should be able to pull it up wiuth a search.


Bottom line is, the answer to your question is "No."

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