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the thermostat i put in the other day was no good, so took it out and put everything back togather without a new one,put fluid in to it ran it for awhile then checked it and the antifreeze in my res tank had about 1/2" of foam on top, is that normal? i have never seen antifreeze foam before?

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it can cause problems for a few reasons, first of all the thermostat closing keeps the coolant in the radiator longer so it can be cooled. when its open all the time or missing, under extreme conditions, the coolant doesn't spend enough time in the radiator to get cooled.


also on fuel injected engines they are designed to operate at a given temperature. it is not as crucial on the renix engines, but later jeep models, and all cars for that matter will have problems without the thermostat in and working properly.


i've had to replace thermostats people have put in that were colder temp stats, it has caused check engine lights, and failed emissions. if the computer sees it not reaching the desired temp it isn't happy. also post renix jeeps run at 210 for emissions reasons also, they can fail emissions if they engine doesn't reach operating temp.

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they have wireless at the college!! :D

ok that sounds right, i just knew on older trucks you could do this, ill be putting one in this weekend, getting it from a jeep dealership, maybe this one will last more than 2 freaking days :fs1:

ive been watching my temp gauge making sure it don't get to hot, thanks guys.

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