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brake lines

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why is there two brake lines going to the back axle.

One line provides proportioned rear braking under normal conditions. The second line is a bypass, so if the front brakes fail the rear brakes get full pressure with no proportioning.


It's a common misconception that the second line is a "return" line. I don't know where that came from, but it's what I was told and I believed that for several years ... right up until I actually investigated how the front metering block and rear height-sensing valve work.

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po on my mj had the brake lines done, and when they ran the line to the back they probably realized they can't get the proportioning valve anymore, its kinda funny a new line was made and ran all the way back for nothing. i can just picture the poor tech when he got to that point :headpop:


anywho, i am rambling. so they simply ran a straight line back without using the valve. it works ok, it seems it acts as though there's a full load all the time. the rears are grabby right at first, i got used to it quickly, and with a full load the brakes are very smooth.


remember by design rear brakes engage a split second before the fronts, so without the valve, it gets full pressure, so you just have to ease on the brake for the first few miliseconds of the pedal travel. :thumbsup:

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