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Factory Airbox or Aftermarket Intake????

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Alright well I installed an aftermarket cone filter with outerware on my stock intake tube in spring 2008, now since then ive read my share of "Intake mods don't work" and so on. Basically ive been wondering if it would be in my best intrest to ditch that setup and go back to the stock Airbox and drop in filters? I have a 96 XJ that has a factory intake setup and it seems like it just has more get up to it than my truck, now my MJ is on 30s (3:55s) and the XJ is on 235/75s (also 3:55s i think) and also had a HO Engine but is my intake hurtin my truck that much or is that just difference in 8 yrs of 4.0L Technology?


Anyway the truck runs great and has been tuned up and maintained properly, I'm just basically looking for any other advice on Intake setups.....thanks! jamminz.gif

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