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Acceleration Spudder

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I'm new to the form and i have an issue i would like to hear a differnt point of view i have a 1989 jeep comanche pioneer just got it on the road been working on it for a while now and never had an issue while accelerating i get a spudder not quite sure what it is when it is idling it is fine any thoughts.

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Your running it with no exhaust at all???? :no:


If it a 4.0 (which you didn't post) the Renix 4.0 need some back pressure to operate properly. The best way to create back pressure is from the "stock" exhaust, Header down pipe, Cat and Muffler.


Also, if it's "hesitating" when your taking off from a dead stop, you could have a vacuum leak. that would be a good all around check just to make sure that all the vacuum lines are connected.

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Several things can cause this. Vacuum lines for sure. TPS can be messed up. for me it was because I had bosch platinum plus 4's in the engine. Took those out and went back to the lovely stockers and the problem went away....


Wouldnt run premium unleaded in the motor. Not only is it a waste of money, but you could get worst performance from it. ...burns slower. 87 octane will ignite faster and is meant to be run in our low compression motors :)

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