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went wheeling sun. morning (damage report)

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bumhart rd in lorain oh

it is legal there

can't make jeepskool this weekend

going to try next month

neal from simson famialy jeeps is going to try to make i also

bumhart is owned by the railroad and it is open to anyone to wheel

very tuff trails alot of deeeeep holes

alot of isuzus with 44's and thay get them stuck

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I know it's owned by the rail road. Generally rail road companies do not give permission to the public to be on their land or right of ways. I will believe it is legal when I see somebody with a signed statement giving permission on company letterhead.


Assumed permission and stated permission are not the same thing.

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sighed a release at rail road so i know

as long as i know i will wheel there

if someone comes there with me thay will sign one and know to

if u come bring a trailer u might neen it

i hit my bottum pully and didn't realize it till today belt trying to walk off pullys and all the mains rattling

that place is hard on stuff most time u go there u will break some thing

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If they make you sign a release, then they must allow it now, making it legal. It used to be they didn't care enough to prosecute people, but not officially condoning it. Pretty much that meant while it wasn't explicitly illegal, it technically wasn't legal either. Kind of a grey area.


Glad they made it fully legal now as Ohio needs more legal areas to wheel, now that we lost half of Wellsville due to construction of a power plant and Painted Rock from a bank foreclosing on one of the landowners.


But yeah, you probably won't see me at Baumhart unless I have a trail only rig and a tow vehicle to get it there and back.

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Happy they made it totally lawful now as Ohio needs more legitimate territories to wheel, now that we lost a large part of Wellsville because of development of a force plant and Painted Rock from a bank abandoning one of the landowners. my revamped stuns.

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