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AC Conversion... new compressor, or not?

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Hello all,


My 1988 MJ is back from a 2 year hiatus, and the AC is no longer working. The compressor spins, the clutch cycles on and off, I just think it's low on R-12. So, I have a decision to make.... do I stick with R-12 (I have a decent supply) and hope there are no huge leaks, or do I make the conversion to R-134a?


I have not converted an R-12 to R-134a before, but I understand that I'll really just need to "recover" any remaining R-12, replace the dryer with an R-134a compatible, evacuate the system, change fittings, and recharge. I hear that's the easiest way... I'm told the more professional way is to do all of the previous items as well as remove all the Ester from the compressor, or just replace the compressor with an R-134a ready unit.


What has everyone else done? Have you replaced the compressor, removed and drained it, or just let it go with the Ester Oil?





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You really should get out all the ester and replace it with a PAG oil. The 134a mixes best with PAG, and the 134a is what carries the oil throughout the system. I would probably stick with r12 if you have a supply.


Well, I have a supply of R12, but it's piss expensive (~$30/Lb). Given that, R-134a is probably my best option... SO, is it even possible to get the Ester out of the compressor? I know I can flush the lines/Evaporator/Condenser, but I thought the compressor couldn't be flushed...

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I assumed you actually HAD the r12 (like the 20lb cylinder in my basement :D ). You can remove the compressor and drain it.


I have three 16oz cans left, but I'd hate to waste them on this system... it seems so easy to work on... unlike the 1987 BMW 635 I have the R-12 "reserved" for...

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