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Tranny/Clutch issues

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Hi, I’ve got a question for you all involving my clutch.


I drive a bone stock 200,5xx mile 2x4 1987 Comanche with a 4.0 liter and BA10/5 5sp transmission. Supposedly it has the metric ton towing package.


Every now and then when I first start the truck and put it in 1st gear the shifter would fall right into place too easily while lightly grinding a gear. This symptom only happened a couple times and did not continue while I drove.


Then, the other day I was sitting at a stop light and started inching forward with my foot on the clutch.


What does that sound like to you? I would guess the slave cylinder and/or master cylinder. Also, I am going to check the lines from the MC to the SC. I am about to buy the parts but first would like to get some feedback from more knowledgeable people.


Also, any tips on whichever repair is recommended.



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Personally, I wouldn't put any money into fixing the BA 10/5 and spring for an external slave AX-15 swap.


If you go that route, there's a nice thread on it here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17293 so I don't have to type it all again.


As for your problem, I would blame the slave cylinder not pushing forward far enough. If you can't find any leaks, you can try bleeding it to see if you managed to trap some air in the line.


If you need to replace the slave cylinder, I would strongly recommend the AX-15 swap. You already need to pull the trans anyway. An external setup is much better to diagnose and repair, and the AX-15 is much stronger transmission.


Finding a 2wd AX-15 shouldn't be hard. AX-15s can be found in mid89-99 XJs, mid89-92 MJs, and mid89-95 YJs, and some TJs. Don't remember the exact years for TJs. All with 4.0L 5 speeds. Don't confuse it with the AX-5, which was behind the 2.5 4cylinder and 2.8 V6.


Oh, and welcome to the club! :cheers:

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Thanks for the input. I agree with you. Eventually I would like to have a 4x4 so this may be the beginnings of that project. If bleeding it doesn’t solve anything then it is decision time…Slave cylinder or AX-15+NP231.


And…thanks for the welcome! image_209027.gif

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I’m located in Orlando Fl.


From what I can tell I am either not leaking any fluid or a very small amount. Of course it may only take a small amount to cause my problems.


My dad bought the jeep new in 87 and parked it in the barn for about a year when he took a job out of state. I couldn’t bear to see it sitting there collecting sawdust so I sold my car and permanently “borrowed” the MJ. The day I picked it up I gave it a little tune up (battery, serpentine, oil, oil filter, fresh gas, bled the brakes, cleaned, ect). One thing I did notice was the Jelly like fluid in my clutch master cylinder. I cleaned it out as best I could and fill the MC back up with new fluid. For the next couple of months after that everything was going great…until now.


This is why I think bleeding my system may be a solution. It will get all the jelly out of there. Any idea of what caused that? Water maybe? Or melted seals?


Also, either way I am going to begin looking for an external slave AX-15 backed with an NP-231.

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