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Renix to HO fuel line HELP!!!

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HO motor is going in TOMORROW, and I just realized the difference in the fuel lines as the renix has the front to rear setup, and the HO fuel rail has both supply/return lines next to each other in the front. the XJ fuel lines have a quick dissconnect at the frame, but my MJ doesn't. Once again, working with an '87 MJ shortbed and a '94 XJ donor. Does the '91-'92 MJ HO have the same fuel rail setup as the '94 XJ, so maybe I could get fuel lines for a 91-92, or has anyone else whos done the conversion encountred this and found a solution?

Also, still awiting any info on the fuel pump; aside from the funky sender reading to the gauge, will the current renix pump run the HO motor ok, or do I need to pull it and change the pump? Also, anyone found a remedy for the sender reading?

PLEASE, any info would be GREAT as I am hoping to have this thing running this weekend...





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I had a similar problem when I swapped a 4.0 in place of my 2.5. I just installed the 4.0 lines and cut the stock lines at the framerail and spliced them together with some double barbed fittings and double hose clamps. Hasn't leaked to date :D



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I also spliced mine at the firewall.


Kinda had no choice, since whoever originally pulled my 92 4.0L cut the rubber lines.


Barbed fittings are probably alot better, but I just chopped the factory hard lines at the firewall, flared the ends a little (instead of just leaving them cut off straight), and used high pressure fuel line clamps (I think the only difference is they're designed not to cut into the hose).

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