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FSM request for lighting system, Parking lights not working

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OK for some reason my rear parking lights stopped working. I did a search and I didn't see any info that would help. the sockets, bulbs and ground are fine, I traced the wire all the way up to the cab to a connector before the fuse box, unplugged it and jumped a hot wire over and the rear lights turned on, so I know that everything if OK wiring wise from that point back. None of the fuses are bad, I believe that my hazards are not working also (don't know if its a common problem or a coincidence).


brake lights, turn signals,all front lights, gauge lights, courtesy lights all still work.


Anyone have any idea? If I could get a diagram with all the colors and connections and components that would be awesome and give me a better idea on how to track down my issue.


One thing I found that I'm not sure of is when looking up into the dash from the floorboards I saw the back of the headlight switch, there was a single wire connected to the back but it was a bare wire, broken and extremely oxidized. what is this wire? is it a ground for the switch?


My truck is a 1987 LWB.


Thanks for any help.

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well after looking at the electric manual that BALTZ had posted in the DIY section (thanks Red 1989 MJ) it looks like the only connections between the fuse being OK and the connector that I jumped power to is the headlight switch. is the headlight switch something that could cause this problem? can a problem with the switch cause only the rear parkings lamps not to work but still have all the others function fine?




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