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Found a transmission, now will it fit?

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Me: 1986 MJ 2.8 V6 2barrel carb with 228 selectrac. 3 speed auto TF904

Donor vehicle: 1995 YJ wrangler Inline 4 cylinder 3 speed automatic case stamped

361 . Transfer case is 207 command trac


My research for this vehicle shows that the 1995 YJ 4 banger did come with a TF904

but my concern is the donor has a plug in for what I think is a electronic torque converter.


My concern is whether or not I can work around this as my torque converter was non lockup.


Any one see where this donor transmission may cause me grief. Any input would be greatly appeciated.

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Sounds like someone needs a 5 speed conversion. :thumbsup:
I hope not. I do not want to fool with master cylinders, pedal assemblys and shifters. to adapt. Someone in a forum mentioned running a hot link from the battery to a switch on down to the converter plug .
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