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4.0 Pilot bearings

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Have a 93 engine previously attached to an AT that I want to swap into my 91 MJ w/AX15


Checking rock auto it appears the 93 and 91 use different pilot bearings. The 93 engine does have a bushing for the torque converter to center on. Do I remove this or does the pilot brg fit into it?


Also planning to swap to external slave. Any issues using 91 flywheel with LATER style clutch to match external slave?




91 MJ

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Internal and external flywheels are the same. Bellhousing, clutch, bearing retainer, literally everything else in there is different. The clutch disc itself is the same, but I'm not sure if the PP is the same or different.

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Thanks- I realize all the clutch stuff is different. Can I use my 91 flywheel and it sounds like I can.

My other concern is the pilot bearing. I'm trying to nail all this stuff ahead of time to minimize downtime.

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Yes you're flywheel will be fine. All 91-01 Flywheels should be the same, and I know 91-95 are the same.


I can't answer about the pilot bushing. I've never personally bought one seperatly, but if you get a new clutch kit, it should come with one. Test fit it on the AX-15's input shaft and you should be good to go.


I would bet the manual and automatic ones are different, just to make things complicated.

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