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4 wheeling ut oooooooo


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so no picts yet damn cord :oops: . but any ways went 4 wheeling with the wm4x4 club this weekend and we had fun execpt one guy. he drove a jeep wrangler yj. it had a arb dana 30 front and a open 35 in the rear. he was doing good up till the second rock. he did a nice wheely and smashed the rear diff like no tommaro ( ring and pinion ). so we eased him out the trail. got off the trail back to his trailer. ( its a trailer queen by the way ) he got to the trailer and stoped to put his ramps down and was saying " i don't care about the rear diff i just need to keep the front" so hes driving the trailer up the ramps in front wheel drive because his rear is GONEEEE and right at the peak of the ramp he blows the front out. it was the worst sound everrrrrr :yes: . he just laughed. but yea the moral of the story is if you got money trailer the thing. :thumbsup:

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