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Write Up /Tricks to remove Dash?

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I'm going to yank my entire dash to fix the rust spot up under on the cowl are while we are in the dry time through our summer. I can start pulling screws, but wanted to see if anyone had a writeup with pics or could offer some advise.

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there's a couple of screws behind the HVAC vents on both sides that you have to pop the vents to get at. Also, there are (IIRC) 4 screws/bolts at the very front right where the winshield meets the body that can be a pain to get at. Once you get all the fasteners out, roll the dash assembly forward carefully and you can reach behind it (you can use a small mirror to see if you can't pull it far enough to get your head behind it) and unclip the wiring harness for the radio, cig lighter and HVAC. You'll probably snap off a couple of clips, too :yes:




edit: and the HVAC tubes that attach to the outer vents are a pain to get off of the vent assemblies.

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