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weird oil leak

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If oil is coming out the dipstick tube, you have a problem with blowby not being able to exit out the top of the valve cover. Remove the hoses coming off the valve cover and check them for blockage all the way to the airbox. If you remove the hoses from the valve cover then try running the engine and see if the oil still wants to come out the dipstick tube. If it does, you will need to remove the valve cover and clean it to make sure the passages for the hoses are clean and free flowing. Assuming you clean everything out, and it still does it, you may have excessive blowby. These engines have a lot of blowby to begin with, but if its too much to go through the valve cover positive crankcase ventilation system, you may have other problems like busted piston rings, which at over 300,000 miles may be a good probability. If the rings are busted, it may be time to look for a new motor or to look for a 4.0 donor cherokee and do the swap. It will probably be as cheap or cheaper to find a 4.0 donor cherokee as it would to find a good used 2.5 by itself, and definitely cheaper than paying for a rebuilt longblock. It all depnds on your skill level, and how much you have to spend.


And now for the hillbilly fix... remove your dipstick, attach a hose to the dipstick tube, and run it to an empty jug or just down to the ground so it doesnt spray on all your engine compartment goodies.! :thumbsup:

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