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Finally got started on the rockers

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Wife is doing a three day yard sale, so needed to keep busy. Decided to put in the rockers I bought last year. These were supposed to be made for a Comanche. Yeah, right. Had to cut them in half and then slice out the bottom section. Apparently who ever made them did not realize that MJ rockers taper toward the front. No biggie, they were still cheaper than buying flat steel and fabbing them up. here are my rockers to start with.




I used a saber saw with some good metal blades. Zipped right through them. Here they are cut out.





Here are a couple of shots of the drivers side patched in with rivets. Was going to weld them in but couldn't find my welding helmet :dunno: . Have to finish up another day.





Pass side is in as well, but forgot to take pics. Here she is in the back yard with my company "car".


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