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clunking in the steering that needs to go

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ok. i have a clunk in the steering that i need to fix. it's getting worse. this just showed up after i put some larger tires on (not "big" tires) 225 75 16. the clunk is only heard when you turn from the right to the "center" position. right when it hits center there is a clunk. it's not there when coming from the left to center. it happens when it's running or not. i guess maybe you can kind of feel it in the steering wheel, a little.


so today i was checking it out and it's coming from the front of the truck, like the steering sector (gear). i can't find anything loose in the suspension, everything seams tight. would a bad sector do this? i've had sectors go and they usually wander or something, i've never had one that clunks.


ideas? :dunno:

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I'd watch under the front and have someone else turn the wheel back and forth. If you don't see anything loose under there, take a look through the top and watch the steering shaft and pitman while they turn, that should show you if there's anything wrong in the box itself.

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i have been under it while the steering wheel has been turned back and forth and can't see a thing. that's why i'm a bit puzzled. i thought i'd look under and find a loose tierod or something. :dunno:

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