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Track bar and sway bar disco question

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Can anyone tell me just by looking at this stuff if it will bolt in the my manche with about 3" of lift in the front. I am not sure what the bracket is on the end of the track bar :dunno: Also, i know the JKS come in different sizes anyway to tell what these are? The guy who is selling them is effing clueless. Thanks :cheers:





Adjustable track bar


Sway Bar Disco's

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Sway bar discos look like the should work, but I would have him measure them to see how close they are/can be to 3" over stock.


Do you mean the big bracket on the top of the pic for the trackbar? Looks like the stock bracket to me.

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Thanks, I checked the website and talked to the guy. He has noth the shorter and longer JKS so it looks like this will work out. jamminz.gif Not a bad find at $75.00 for the whole lot. If anyone needs the other set of sway bar disco's (longer ones should still be available) let me know and I will se how much he wants. He is willing to ship and I imagine they would be about $40.00 :thumbsup:



Skip :USAflag:

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