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Just passing along a sale flyer


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I got this from KEVINS OFFROAD, just passing it along incase someone needs anything.


The "Anti Death-Wobble" Sale

(sale ends Thursday, May 21nd, 2009)

Exclusive Non-Published Sale for KevinsOffroad.com VIP-list Customers only!


Dear Loyal KOR Customer,



Load up on spectacular deals this week at KevinsOffroad.com's exclusive customer-only promotion!


Our Steering Stabilzer for ZJs/XJs available at 25% off when a Track Bar Conversion is purchased. Better yet, the Track Bar Conversion is ALREADY ON SALE!!!


For WJs, 25% off our primary and secondary steering stabilizer Anti Death-Wobble package!!!



We'd also like to introduce our new website format, located (temporarily) at www.KevinsOffroadManufacturing.com

(until we get it all moved over). It's in "beta" testing, so try it out, and tell us what errors you come across when you surf through it. All the missing photos will be updated soon.



Kevin's Hard-KOR Steering Stabilizer and Track Bar Conversions.

"Death-Wobble Solutions for CHEAP!!"







(I decided to give you cool pictures of built Jeeps above, rather than a couple of non-photogenic brackets, bars, and steering stabilzers, lol) On a difficulty scale from 1-10, the install is a 1 for the XJ/ZJ/WJ single stabilizer, a 2 for the WJ secondary stabilizer, and a 4 for the ZJ/XJ Track Bar Conversion.


Normally Priced $359.97 for the ZJ/XJ package and $222.91 for the WJ package.


Promo Pricing $299.97 for the ZJ/XJ package


$154.97 / $145.97 for the WJ package!!!



WJ Anti Death-Wobble Package Sale Price



o Hard-KOR Primary WJ Steering Stabilizer


o Hard-KOR Secondary WJ Steering Stabilizer


Sale Price: $145.97


List Price:





Learn More

XJ & ZJ Anti Death-Wobble Package



o Hard-KOR ZJ & XJ Track Bar Conversion


o Hard-KOR XJ & ZJ Steering Stabilizer w/ hardware


Sale Price: $299.97

List Price:





Learn More






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I find it hilarious that a "professional" is promoting a steering stabilizer as a death wobble solution... :shake: :rotf:


I have never had dealings with Kevin's, but I have heard a lot of good about them :thumbsup:

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