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Gage swap 89 comanche.......

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Ok so I still can't find a speedo cable for my truck .......... my question is can I put a xj gage cluster and speedo cable in my truck?? Or just swap the fitting on the back of the cluster for the cable or ............ any ideas please help .......


OH !!!!!!!!! I got my truck running !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the fist time in like 6 months ..... found a broken wire under the hood ....... little bugger .............. jamminz.gifjamminz.gifjamminz.gif


So i really need to figure out this speedo cable problem........... :help:

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Any 87-90 XJ/MJ 4.0 5 speed 4wd cable with the same cruise option will be identical to yours. An automatic cable should work(may be the same, I don't know) since the AW-4 is a little longer than the 5 speeds.


And yup, 91+ doesn't have a speedo cable, it's all electrical.

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