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Question - Hesitation at first gas

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Need some ideas.

I've got a 1990 4.0 column shift long bed.

When I come to a stop (sign or light) then go to give it some gas I get a hesitation (kind of a stutter). In the last few months the spark plugs have been replaced, the distributor has been replaced, the fuel injectors have been replaced, the gas tank has been replaced, the fuel filter has been replaced.

Need some ideas?



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try bypassing the ballast resister, I know that they can do some screwy things when they go out, and they're cheap. Other then that I would start going through your sensors one by one.

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I'm going to assume this is a new problem, AND that you have gone thru and given a complete tune-up. How about a fuel filter and good TB cleaning? Also, if its new, have you recently changed anything? If you did, try replacing what you did and see if this goes away



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