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AW-4 doesn't like 3rd..

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I know XJ questions are supposed to be in the pub but symptoms and fix would be the same if it was an MJ.


88 XJ 4.0 AW-4. Just grabbed her yesterday, runs fine for the most part except a choppy idle (90% sure it's the old gas) and it doesn't stay in 3rd very long.


Even if I'm flooring it, it's in 4th by 40 mph. It stays in 3rd for not even 2 seconds. It'll downshift if I'm slowing down. If I put it in 3rd manually, it works fine and stays there.


Any ideas of something I should check? Or should I just give it time and see if working the old gas out changes anything.


Oh, and PO had tranny switch on comfort. I switched it to power and no difference.

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That sounds like the tranny has been stuck in the COMFORT mode for awhile. I'd check out the POWER/COMFORT switch first and make sure it's switching with a meter. Douche it down with some contact cleaner. It's common for the contacts to break and/or stick.

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Probe your #2 & #3 AW4 solenoids to see if their both at 11 - 15 ohms. If not their bad.

With key off, TCU unplugged probe wires going to tranny. C15 is #2 (3rd gear) with Violet & white wire & C14 is #3 (TC lockup) with white/black wire. Plug is marked with C & D sections & numbered.

If these solenoids are not working properly you'll get weird shifts/or no shifts in 3rd or TC. Could also be a problem with TPS adjustment necessary . Check your throttle valve linkage at the throttle body for proper adjustment. AW4 solenoids are fairly straight forward change outs. Got to drain the pan of course. It could be any # of things causing your problem, but, short of having a scan tool to read the problem codes this may help.


Code 700 Solenoiod (all 3); Code 705 TPS; Code 710 intermittent solenoid fault; Code 702 speed sensor fault. There are a couple other codes also.

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M'kay... pretending I can remember how a multimeter works I'll check those out, and take a look at the connections on the switch.


TCU is under the dash by the ECU, correct?


I've (basically)owned 8 XJs and 3 MJs, but this is my first Automatic.

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