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I have a 2.5L, 86 Mj with non A.C..

I also have an 89 Xj with a 4.0 as a parrts truck.


Will the pulleys and brackets, (A.C. and Alternator) on the 4.0, work on my 2.5L?








Why not swap the engine 2.5L for a 4.0 as you might say? :dunno:

The 4.0 has a blown head gasket and I want to leave my 86 basically stock. :smart:

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When I was doing that same swap. I looked at an 88 4.0 to compare brakets to go on my 87 2.5. The brackets are different and don't take into effect the little shock that mounts between the motor and frame. I ended up spending $75 to get all the brackets off of another 2.5 from the junkyard ( they pulled ). And while they bolted up to my 2.5, none of the rest of the stuff was the same...I have no idea what year 2.5 they took those parts off of, but I made it work with a little parts swapping/robbing/grinding. I wish you luck!

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