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Trf C ?

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Never gave it much thought being an automatic user, but a young lady just ask me if she could use a 231 out of an AW4 behind her 88 with MT. I told her I didn't think it would bolt up, but, not being an expert on the subject I would ask some guru's who could give us the correct facts. And if not what she would need to do to make it work. I forgot to ask if it was a 4 or 6. HELP. :hmm:

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As often is the case, "it depends."


There's no difference between a 231 for an automatic and a 231 for a 5-speed. But ... if she's looking to convert a 2WD into a 4WD, she needs a 4WD tranny. You can't bolt a transfer case to a 2WD transmission with changing the tailshaft and the tailshaft housing.


Secondly, the early 231s had a 21-spline connection between the transmission and the transfer case. The later ones used 23 splines. I can never remember when the change took place -- somewhere around 1990, I believe.


So in order to provide a better, more definitive answer, we need to know what she's trying to do. If she's just replacing a busted transfer case -- no problem as long as the "new" one comes from the same "generation." If she's doing a 2WD to 4WD conversion, it's more complicated.

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I do know she's replacing an existing 231. So there is a possibility the input shafts might be a little different lenngth. I called her & she says the input on the 231 protrudes aprox 5/8" out the front of the 231. I guess we'll need to know the lenght of her tranny output shaft & whether it's a 4 or 5 speed.

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