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Homes For Our Troops


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I know there's CC members all over the place, but there's a good bit of us here in VA, so I'm posting this on here as well as a couple local boards around Richmond....


I've been involved with this organization for awhile now, and they finally have a project lined up in the local Richmond area. If you're not familiar with what HFOT does, they organize volunteer labor and donated land and construction materials to construct or modify existing homes for severely injured veterans. If you can offer any services, labor, building materials, etc. and are interested, there is a registration event coming up on Thursday March 19th in Sandston. HFOT is currently seeking land to build a specially adapted home for a local Army veteran wounded in Iraq who is now a quadrapalegic.


You can find out more info about HFOT on their website: http://www.homesforourtroops.org/site/PageServer


If you’re interested in getting involved in the upcoming Richmond build, you can contact Melanie Warwick, HFOT Project Facilitator at mel@homesforourtroops.org or by calling 866-7-TROOPS. Or you can let me know and I’ll get you on the list.





He fought to keep this the land of the free...

it's time to build a home for the brave.

Army SSG Dwayne A. Cole was severely injured while deployed to Iraq in early 2007, when a bullet entered his neck and lodged near his spinal column. As a result, SSG Cole was left a quadriplegic. Following a six month stay at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, SSG Cole continues to work diligently to regain movement and function and has most recently had success rebuilding the muscles in his hands. He enjoys helping those less fortunate and one day hopes to become a peer counselor for those with spinal cord injuries.

Please consider helping Homes for Our Troops provide SSG Dwayne Cole with a specially adapted home that will accommodate his needs and enable him to concentrate on recovery and his future.

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I'll just say.........


This is a very Amiable cause :thumbsup:


I'm glad that you, and others are involved in a cause like this one :D


On my part........I'm way too far from your site to help out in any way :(


Having worked on many projects for the disable / challenged, I understand what is needed for the people affect, to enjoy the comforts of there own home.


We don't have a "hats off" emoticon.........so just place one here for your self :yes:

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