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Winter wheeling Viking style

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Got a little bored so i figured i might as well post some pictures from this weekends winter meeting. Its one of the last good old fashion meetings over here where you can drive whatever you want as long as it got a roll bar or a roof. Personaly i put the diesel MJ on a trailer and gave it its first offroad run.















This is just a little taste, more pictures on the scandinavian pirate4x4 forum, link here: http://pirate4x4.no/forum/showthread.php?t=22762

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Are those random holes that fall open above water? That'd keep me away if they were.


Yes, the water level in the river had drop during the winter leaving up to half a meter of air between the ice and the water. Kinda scary when you fool around minding your own buissness, and CRACK-BANG, the ground just opens up underneath you and try to swallow you rig! :eek: :hmm: :help: Nothing dangerous about it thou, I didnt even get a scratch from that incident on my rig. And most of the times we followed the "safe" trail when driving on the river.

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