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question on 87 to 90 242 transfer case

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Hey everyone. I'm bidding on a 242 transfer case online and it's a 21 spline. In stead of using the 231, what other things I need to change to be able to use it. Can I use all the same linkage and the other pieces. What can I reuse from my 90 xj with a 231? And what parts do I need to get to install it?

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You'll need to change out at least the main shifter link that pops into the shifter arm bolted to the transfer case. If the 242 comes with one, you might be in luck, but you may have to play around with a couple few or custom modify one. I don't remember if the main pivot support bracket that bolts onto the transmission/transfer case works right or not.


Wish I was more help for you. When I installed my 242 I also did a trans swap to the ZJ 42re, so everything was different on mine.


The other thing you'll need to watch out for in the t/c input. There are a bunch of variations. 21 and 23 spline, short, medium, and long depths (how far it sticks out of the transfer case.) Obviously, you'll need to match up to what ever you've got. If you do have to look at swapping the input (tear down of the transfer case) - there are two different planetary pitches.


As much of a PIA it may be, I love having the 242.

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The biggest trouble witht he 5spd/242 combo is that since it wasn't a factory option, you will have to watch the length of the input shaft "stick-out" on the 242, since it came from an auto. I believe the biggest problem is that the seal area is in a different location on the manual, but you can get an extended seal for this. Let me look and I will see if I can find the number for you.

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