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Adding to my lift

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I've discovered there are so many ways to lift an MJ that the options are wild. Here is my current plan


What I have now:


2" spacer on the front coil with longer shock.

add-a-leaf on the rear with longer shock - leafs on bottom


gave me a little lift and didn't cost much - but not enough lift as I've discovered doing rock/trail riding here in AZ


my plan:


replace rear DANA35 with a Cherokee DANA44 and keep the leafs on top - shock should be ok

replace crossmember with a HD and a 1" transfer case drop

replace coil spring with a 3" lift spring

keep spacer on

add a control arms drop bracket (like from RR)

replace lower control arm with adjustable arm

replace front shock


That's it - what's wrong or what have I missed

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cherokee spring perches are still different widths than MJ perches, so you will still need to buy new perches, cut the old ones off, and position them and set proper pinion angle then weld them on.


you don't need a transfercase drop. our driveshafts are more than long enough to handle 6.5" of lift with no t-case drop. you may luck out while upgrading to a dana 44 and Spring Over Axle with your rear driveshaft....dana 44 driveshafts are 1" shorter than dana 35 driveshafts, and at that height of lift with no t-case drop you just may have enough slip.


you will need new rear shocks and/or to devise a new shock mount setup. you can use the cherokee shock mounts but will have to build upper mounts in that case, and take flex/squat measurements to get the right length shocks.


DON'T buy rocky road drop brackets. talk to mfpdm I believe he has a set and he was less than happy with the fit and finish (a bunch of small work needed to be done to the mounts to make them fit, as they were rather poorly measured out IIRC).


I suggest buying rough country or similar drop brackets NO REINFORCEMENT BRACKETS as they don't make them for a comanche, then make your own reinforcement brackets. you can also modify the comanche uniframe to make the cherokee reinforcement brackets work. it's a very easy mod.


definitely adjustable lower control arm. I don't suggest buying Rusty's product at all.


you need an adjustable track bar. also get longer brake hoses front and rear. dodge dakota early 90's rear brake hoses work perfect, and 95 YJ front brake hoses work perfect. I run them at 6.5" of lift zero issues.



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good data - but first I have to find a replacement rear DANA 44. I just finally confirmed I have 3.55 gears. Needed to be sure even though that was the general thought. Don't know if I'm going to find a DANA44 with 3.55 more then likely 4.10 gears. That is ok cause I want at least 4.10 but even 5.6 or 5.8.


In the mean time I have an interim problem I need to resolve. The rear shock bolts are getting beat to death. I need either to put armor around them or move them.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found


I was thinking on putting a mount on the backside of the axle and run across it to the upper mount. I'd have to make it cleared but the distance would be the same as before I lifted it

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