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Homebrew snorkel ideas.

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I knew a guy that made one out wet vac parts :nuts: , it worked really well, but it did look like wet vac part stuck on the side of his jeep (it was a 80ish CJ). So if you don't care what it looks like, there is one idea.

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Yeah some of the parts I am using are from a wet vac. :oops: But I don't think what I have so far will look too corny. I do like any mods to look good as well as work good. I am gonna use one of the straight extentions, a radial diffuser to prefilter the air and help keep rain out and some elbows and a flange that I found. They are all from a wet vac. But wet vac parts are made of ABS so they won't be as brittle in the cold. 8)

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