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2.5l Comanche idle speed motor question

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I've got an 87 Comanche, 2.5 4 cyl, when I first got it, it would run REALLY rough when I first started it up after it sat for a few hours, but would almost never stall out. I was told on one of the forums that by taking the idle speed motor thingy out, taking it apart and cleaning it out, I could probably solve the issue. Well I did, and now I turn the key and she purrs to life and idles nice and smooth, right above 1000 RPM's

Only issue is, after the truck runs for a few minutes, the idle speed increases, and won't go down. If I start it up and drive it, probably a mile or two down the road it will be idling at 1800 or so RPM's and will not go any lower!

I backed the bolt that sticks out of the idle speed motor all the way in to get it to idle at 1k RPM, so I can't adjust that any further. Any advice? Thanks! :chillin:

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Sounds like the IAC is staying open. It needs to close to allow the idle to come down...so, is it possible that you are adjusting it in the wrong direction?

It could also be a vacuum leak in another area that is causing it as well. Anything connect to the intake that is vacuum related needs to be in good shape as any leak in that area will cause the problem you are having. Even a small leak in the intake manifold gasket will cause this.

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