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5 weeks in.. What I have learned.. and what I regret.

Qui Gon-Jinn

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First. The one regret. I didn't buy a Jeep sooner. (Can't say you all don't agree)


Second. What I have learned. It's a Jeep. It's nothing like any other car or truck I have had. It's a machine designed to do a job and do it better than anything else out there. I have got to wrench on it a bit. I am not an mechanic by any means I am a computer guy. I work with my hands on a keyboard and mouse. Most "Tools" I use are a screwdriver. The Comanche is not the easiest thing to work on but it's not as bad as other vehicals I have worked on.


This forum and the knowledge that is here is worth so much more. These forums are full of people who love their trucks and love to work on them and share what they know and learn.


I spend at least an hour a day if not more reading on here. I search topics and usually find something worth reading.. then it leads to another find.. and so on. What starts as a Clutch Master Cylinder turns into Seats and then stereo and then electrical.. and so on.


I love the truck.. and I surely won't be leaving the forums soon.


Trying to convince my dad to buy an 87 Cherokee that is for sale on CL here in Phx. it's a 4.0 w/ 4x4. really nice. would be perfect for towing the boat and the weekend driver that he wants.


Jeep has impressed me. I have had 3 Dakota's and I do enjoy them but they don't come close to what I have found in my $500 Comanche.

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I was immediately sucked in to this place when I got here. I did the same...spent a lot of tme reading and researching before I actually started to participate. I was a Wrangler guy and really knew nothing of an MJ when I got it.


Glad you are enjoying your Jeep and this site. I don't see anything to dislike about either one :bowdown: :clapping:

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I hear ya. i had never owned a jeep and had one truck before. It was given to me by my father because i always liked it and he didnt need it anymore. I found this forum because it had a starting forum. After doing some reading it became obvious I wasnt the only one who liked these trucks.


I have also spent endless hours reading, usually because like you stated, starting out reading about one thing leads to reading about five other topics you had no intention of looking at.

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