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Modified Serpentine Belt long term users?


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89 Cherokee 4.0 AC


My serpentine belt snapped at three in the morning on the way home and left caked on burnt rubber on the fan and water pump pulleys, but very little on the idler, which was the only one that wouldn't spin, which probably melted the belt. After loosening the bolt, it just spins itself out.


I'd rather get rid of something that can break again and just get a shorter belt like so: http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=95210&highlight=serpentine+belt


But I'm want to find out if doing that has caused any problems.


The AC pump is still connected but the AC unit has been torn out. Is there anything I should do with this?

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That information is all wrong for a renix, near as I know.



There is a few issues. You have to grind a bit of the bracket for the A/C for clearance. And one of the bolt heads will rub on the belt unless you grind it down or find some sort of clearanced-head bolt (which I have not found, it is metric, so no luck.) Also, the lower rad hose can interfere (it is on my XJ, I'll have to look into it).



Anyways, here's a picture of the correct belt P/N

Image Not Found


If you use the one in the above thread, it will be too long and you won't be able to get it tight enough.



Image Not Found


You can see the bolt in the P/S bracket that it runs right over - it rubs that. I'm probably going to do some surgery in that area to change it to a standard bolt, and use a MS-series countersunk bolt. You can also see the A/C bracket grinding.


Otherwise it works good, I've done it on two XJs and the MJ.

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