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Cable Creek Adventure - Toronto, Ohio, NEW LOCATION!

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http://www.steelvalley4x4.com/Default.a ... osts&t=114


There will be an off road event at CABLE CREEK October 25-26.

This is a NEW 250 acre wooded campground located 8 miles south of Wellsville,

near Toronto, OH on County Rd. 56.


The Ads and Flyers will be up Monday.


The "Cable Creek Adventure" is being hosted by Steel Valley 4x4.

Sponosors are already signing up (Free set of Pit Bull tires for example)

with goody bags, ticket sales and drawings for multiple prizes.


Cable Creek is a beautiful facility with plenty of parking, camping,

bathrooms, and everything we need.

It's going to be a wonderful end of the year finale,

and I'd love to have everybody come check out Cable Creek

and join us in the off road fun.


There will be Stock/Mod.... and well, Really Fun Mod loops available.

All brand new woods trails, 250 acres total land.

Trail loops will be in the 5-6 mile range.


I'm basically living in the woods for the next 7 weekends

cutting trails. Any helpers? Call me!


You won't be disappointed... more to come!



Event Flyer:

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here's some poopy pics my friend took with his phone, they obviously don't do this rock crawl justice... The large rock ledge on the left is chin high, and it's a totally awesome play area, with large rocks to the left and smaller rocks on the right for guys with 33s and smaller. Just a Cable Creek teaser! Teaser Pics of the Extreme Ravie to come this weekend!


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If I didn't hate the drive all the way across Ohio so bad I'd come check the place out.


Is this a one time thing, or are they going to carry normal weekend hours?


This is a one time event for now, depening on how things go this first event.. we will be planning on a series of 3 or 4 events in 2009.


The land is private, and there will NOT be "Open" hours

for people to come and wheel. Wheeling will be on event weekends

only. It's a great place, we want to keep it that way.

Opening land up to anyone ends up trashing the place and

thats when things can get ugly.


4 Events a year is plenty of wheeling

we feel.


Tell your friends! There will be guys coming

from Columbus... I'm not sure where you're at.

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