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twinstick transfercase

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If your going to do an upgrade the D300 is really the only way to go if your doing a "junkyard" swap. It'll have to be flipped to fit in the XJ/MJ with a clocking ring but it'll fit. Still cheaper than an Atlas or Stak.


Why not just run the Tera Low in the NP231? It can be bought for under $250 and is an easy mod to DIY. It'll give you what your after. With a heavy duty SYE with the larger output shaft and a chain upgrade out of a Chevy NP231 you'll probably still have less $$ than putting a D300 in and it'll be just as strong.

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i want to know about the d18 and the d20


Dana 18:

Are you planning on installing front AND rear axles that are offset to the passenger side? If so, you will need to find out if it will even bolt up to your transmission. I know that there are at least three different versions of the D18. I believe the biggest difference between each is the different sized intermediate shafts. You would want to find one of the later ones with the larger shaft. Given all of this, would it be worth all the work? To me, no. But, you will have to answer that for yourself.


Dana 20:

This one would only require a front axle with a passenger side differential. You will still need to find out if it will work with your transmission.



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