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suzuki samurai tcase fluid

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i kno its wayyy off the usual topic but I'm just wondering if anyone has changed the fluid in one before. a woman at wrks husband is in the hospital and she needs the fluid changed in it so she has a car to drive. its twin sticked and i told her id see if i could do it for her 2mrrw. i think u fill it down through the shifter. if theres anything weird i should kno lets hear it


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I would think there would have to be a fill level hole. I mean you don't fill i to the top and call it good.


Find remove that plug and fill from there. OR at the very least, leave it open as you fill from where ever is convenient. Once fluid comes from overfill hole, stop its full.


Don't mean to over simplify.



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I just happen to own a Samurai. The oil fill and check plug on the transmission is about halfway up the side. The capacity is 1.3 L of 75W-90 gear lube. The fill and check plug on the transfer case is also about halfway up the side of the t-case. The capacity is 0.8 L of 75W-90 gear lube.

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