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Oil in Distributor

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For a while I have noticed oil in the distributor. I don't think this is normal. Nor do I think the slow leak on that motor mount/side of the engine bay is normal. Good for rust prevent, but not normal. I bought the only gasket the dealer had for the distributor. (PN J3181288) This is for the seal between the distributor and the block. Actually removing the distributor wasn't too bad at all, only took 10 minutes or so with a lot of careful markings.


Removed the dizzy.

The seal was torn, but this could have happened during removal.

This is a view inside.


Notice the oil. I was hoping that the seal on the block was co-responsible for the internal sealing of the dizzy as well, but it appears this is not the case. I didn't have any documentation on how to further tear down the dizzy, nor did I have parts, so I stopped there and reassembled with the new block gasket.


Does anyone have any other part numbers for internal seals of the distributor or information on why I would have oil there?


I appears the oil builds up and leaks out the wiring gromet. This is a good thing for now, well better than the dizzy filling up I suppose.

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Thanks for the link, I'll have to run that exploded view to the dealer to see if they have any gaskets that fit that last diagram. It seems to be a finess job, I almost would rather go to the JY get one and just swap or tear it down to get familiar with the process.


I was really expecting there to be a gasket underneath the stator or pulse ring, but I guess not. I suppose the gasket above the drive gear keep the oil down in the engine, but its just not adding up in my head right now.

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Just got off the phone with the dealer and they have another seal that is internal to the Dizzy, which is PN-33004595. I ordered that, hopefully in two weekends I will get a chance to take it all apart again and put it back together.

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